Indonesia Internship Placements

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Below is a list of prospective internship placements for the summer of 2016:

2013 Ambassador Stephanie Hallinan with students at the Mualimaat Girls' School


The Mualimaat Girls School

Overview: This all-girls school also opened its doors in 1920. It currently serves 1068 students and had 69 teachers. The curriculum focuses on English, Arabic, Koranic studies and the Indonesian national curriculum. It includes a multilingual program teaching English and Bahasa to 240 junior high school and high school students. About 95 percent of the students live on campus in dormitories.

Need: The girls school is seeking unofficial ambassadors to teach conversational English in support of its multilingual program to students and staff. In 2013, an unofficial ambassador taught English to students and staff, including a special language learning session during Ramadan. The 2016 program will coincide with the start of the academic school year. Internships at the school are 6 days each week.

Preferred Qualifications: This placement is only open to female interns. Experience or training in education, teaching or tutoring is required for this placement.

2013 Ambassador Courtney Walls instructs staff at Rifka Annisa on art therapy techniques.


The Mualimin Boys School

Overview: Established in 1920, this school in Yogyakarta has 1,150 students and 89 full-time teachers. Students at the school learn English, Arabic, Indonesia’s national standardized curriculum and Koranic studies. The school also has a multi-lingual program teaching English and Bahasa to 180 high school and junior high school students. All students live on the campus in dormitories surrounding the school’s basketball court.

Need: The boys school is seeking two unofficial ambassadors to teach conversational English and to support the school’s six English teachers. They will also lead extracurricular activities and provide one-on-one English tutoring to students. The 2016 program will coincide with the start of the academic school year. Internships at the school are 6 days each week.

Preferred Qualifications: Unofficial ambassadors for these positions should have an interest in working with young people. Experience or training in teaching or tutoring is required for this placement. Since the school is strictly for boys, this placement is only open to male interns.

Non-Governmental Organizations


2013 Ambassador Della Bradt at Dian Interfidi's Center.

Dian Interfidi

Overview: Founded in 1991, Dian Interfidi works to promote religious tolerance, resolve conflict and build peace among different faith groups in Indonesia. Working with the government, universities, schools, the media and religions institutions, the organization runs educational programs about world religions for students and teachers, operates training and conflict resolution workshops and publishes studies on key social issues such as HIV, domestic violence and human trafficking.

Need: Dian Interfidi seeks unofficial ambassadors to support their outreach and video documentation efforts. They also welcome interns with specific research interests related to interfaith work.

  • A communications intern will produce English language newsletters and help to develop an English language website and other English language materials.
  • A video intern will edit video and photos to create a documentary on the organization’s work.

In 2013 and 2014, unofficial ambassadors created documentaries about Dian Interfidi's programs, supported outreach and communications efforts and helped to organize seminars and workshops about tolerance-building.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • For the communications internship, applicants should have excellent writing skills as well as experience with basic website editing, social media and a passion for working with interfaith issues.
  • The video internship requires  experience with video editing, and applicants for this position should have their own laptop with editing software and a camera capable of filming digital video.

Yayasan Kampung Halaman

Overview: Yayasan Kampung Halaman is a youth engagement initiative that operates community-based media workshops aimed at encouraging young people to become agents of social change. It trains young people from ages 13-25 in skills like video editing and production and assists them in using those skills to become voices for important societal issues.  Since 2006, the organization has established several youth media centers and worked with as many as 400 communities throughout Indonesia. In 2011, Yayasan Kampung Halaman also received “the International Spotlight Award” from the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities in Washington, DC for its efforts to inspire young people in Indonesia.

Need: Yayasan Kampung Halaman seeks two unofficial ambassadors to support their “Sekolah Remaja”—the foundation’s annual community-based media workshops. The interns will mainly work as workshop facilitators, who will help participants to understand local and global societal issues and train them to make photo or video diaries. By the end of the internship, unofficial ambassadors are expected to create their own reflection piece, either in the form of photos or video diaries.

Preferred Qualifications: Besides an interest in working with young people, experience or skill in photography, video-making, and/or video-editing is required.


Overview: PKBI DIY, the Yogyakarta Chapter of Indonesian Planned Parenthood Association, was established in 1957 with a concern in promoting equal and fair reproductive and sexual health rights for all. PKBI DIY initially ran both educational program for youth and a clinic-based program that provides counseling services. Since 2005, the organization has widened its support to include services for marginalized groups such as sex workers, street children, LGBT communities, and people living with AIDS through a community organizing program. PKBI DIY also campaigns against gender, and sexual orientation-based discrimination.

Need: PKBI DIY seeks two unofficial ambassadors to support its Center of Sexuality Studies and its media advocacy programs.

  • A research intern will assist the Center of Sexuality Studies on issue-oriented research projects
  • A communications intern will help the organization create outreach materials for media advocacy

Preferred Qualifications:

  • For the research internship, experience in research and an interest in sexuality studies is required.
  • For the communications internship, skills in photography or video-making/editing and web-editing are required. Experience with advocacy or public communication is preferred.

In 2014, an unofficial ambassador developed a monitoring and evaluation framework for PKBI DIY to aid in its program planning.