The 2015 Mosaic Grants Program

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Financial aid is available for AUA's Summer Service Internship through our Mosaic Grants Program. Awards range from $500 to $1,000 off the fee of AUA programs in Indonesia, Morocco, Tajikistan, Turkey or Zanzibar. To apply, complete the additional essay question on the Summer Service application under the Financial Aid heading and submit the essay with the application.

Mosaic grant recipients will volunteer with schools and grassroots organizations for 6 weeks IMG_3402over the summer of 2015.

About the Grants Program

The AUA Mosaic grant is a highly competitive program that is increasing the number of unofficial ambassadors who represent America in all its diversity to the Muslim World. Each year, the program provides grants to support a small number of highly dedicated Americans serving as volunteers or service interns in Muslim-majority countries. Unofficial ambassadors work to meet education, health and other community needs, building people-to-people partnerships through service and then bringing home the value and impact of their service through blogging and community presentations. Mosaic grant recipients give two presentations and must meet all program requirements.


Sponsoring a Grantmaddy summer camp 1

To sponsor a scholarship or scholarships, please contact AUA Director, Benjamin Orbach at Benjamino(at) Creative Learning is a 501(c)3 and your donation is tax-deductible.

Volunteers in Action

Here's just a quick look at where the Mosaic Grants program has taken some of our volunteers.


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